How to convert miles per hour to kilometers per hour?

There are units of measurement for everything in the world, this includes a metric system to measure speed too. This article will help you understand what miles per hour and kilometers per hour talk about, and the relationship between the two.

What is miles per hour?

Miles per hour is the method of calculating the speed at which a vehicle or an airplane can travel. This is mostly used in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The speed limits here are shown by mph (miles per hour). One mile per hour is equal to 1.609344 kilometers per hour (km/h)

The short form for miles per hour is mph.

What are kilometers per hour?

Kilometers per hour tell you the distance in kilometers in an hour, as a measurement of the speed of an airplane, a person, or a vehicle. About 81 % of the world uses kilometers per hour. One kilometer per hour is equivalent to 0.6213711922 miles per hour.

The short form for kilometers per hour is kph.

What is the relationship between miles per hour and kilometers per hour?

You can also convert the miles per hour into kilometers and vice versa using the following methods:

The formula to convert miles per hour to kilometers per hour: Multiply by 1.609344 km

The formula for kilometers per hour to miles per hour: Multiply by 0.6213712 miles per hour.

For more accurate and direct conversions, you can use thekm-miles calculator.


How do you convert miles per hour into kilometers per hour?
To convert miles per hour into kilometers per hour, you should multiply it by 1.60934.
What is 60 miles per hour in kilometers per hour?
60 miles per hour is 96.56 kilometers per hour.
How many kilometers per hour are there in a mile per hour?
There are 1.609344 kilometers per hour in a mile per hour.
What is 100 kph in miles per hour?
100 kph is equal to 62.14mph.
Why is km per hour used?
Km per hour is used to signify the measurement of speed or velocity.
Is mph faster than kph?
1 mph is equal to 1.6093 kilometers per hour. So with that comparison, yes 1 mph is faster than 1 kph.