The metric system has been in use for many years. It helps us put exact valuations for things so that the exchange or the calculation is fair and precise. In this article, we will talk about kilometers and miles, and the conversion of kilometers to miles, and miles to kilometers.

What is a km(kilometer)?

According to the International System of Units, a kilometer is the SI unit of length. It is one of the many metric systems used to measure length or distance. It is equivalent to 1000 meters.

The symbol of a kilometer is ‘km’.

A kilometer is used to measure the distance a person covers, the length of a river, or the length of a country/ state.

What is a mile?

A mile is a United customary unit of distance. This metric system is used in countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Myanmar, and Liberia. It is equivalent to 1609.344 meters.

The symbol for mile is ‘mi’.

A mile is generally used to measure the distance between places, the length of the road, or the length of a river.

What is the relation between kilometers and miles?

Kilometers and miles are both standard forms of measurement but, a kilometer is more commonly used. Miles is preferred by limited countries in the world.

The relationship between kilometers and miles: 1 mile=1.609344 kilometers.

The formula to convert kilometers to miles: Divide miles by 1.609344
The formula to convert miles to kilometers: Multiply miles by 1.609344

You can make direct conversions of kilometers to miles or miles to kilometers, using the km-miles calculator.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, km is the SI unit of length.
No, a mile is not an SI unit, it is a customary system of measurement.